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2020 an exceptional year for Fraktservice

As of the acquisition at the turn of the half year in 2020, the company was showing weak profit; the effects of COVID-19 had struck and the business was in many ways in need of a review and overhaul. We embarked on a change journey that showed excellent results in a very short time.

Our CEO Jonatan reflects:

“Right from the acquisition we created clear objectives for developing and modernising the company. We set ambitious goals, put in a lot of energy and dared to make uncomfortable decisions. I personally had no previous experience or networks in the logistics sector, but thanks to a really great group of ambitious employees we came together and turned around the uphill battle we were fighting. In less than a year’s time we have succeeded in converting a problem-ridden company to a well-managed business with strong end-of-year results. Naturally we are very proud of this!” says CEO Jonatan Larsson.

“Now we are setting our sights on the future. We want to thank all our existing customers and partners and offer a warm welcome to new customers. And yes, we have the capacity and space for many more, so feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to tell you more about how we can help you with terminal and logistics services in central Gothenburg.”

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