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The environmental policy of Fraktservice is to develop and optimize our business with as little environmental impact as possible. This environmental policy is the basis of our environmental goals:

  • We respect and comply with laws and regulations at national and European level.

  • We run all terminal vehicles on EcoPar ultra-pure diesel.

  • We keep up to date with changes in legislation.

  • Traffic routes, loads and distances are optimized to ensure that transport has minimal environmental impact.

  • We choose materials and techniques that use resources as efficiently as possible and, for example, minimize the use of disposable products.

  • We choose suppliers that are in line with our own environmental policy.

  • Our employees are informed about the risks linked to emissions of hazardous waste, for example, to prevent incidents that could have a negative impact on the environment.

  • Our employees receive training in eco-driving techniques and in eco-friendly cleaning of vehicles.

  • We take full advantage of municipal recycling resources.

  • All our employees are familiar with our environmental policy.

  • We have an appointed environmental officer.

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