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With our unique and convenient location on Marieholmsgatan 82–84 near the centre of Gothenburg we are full-service provider of storage, loading and freight services. 

Fraktservice has been operating since 1984 and was acquired by new owners in 2021 (Ragn-Sells). In total, we have around 17 employees working in Gothenburg and we value our long experience and the ability to put our personal stamp on the company. We are looking forward to developing both existing and new partnerships.

We manage a 30,000 square-metre terminal site, 15,000 square metres of which is dedicated to storage. Our range of services includes freight repacking and storage, freight handling (stripping and stuffing), and container transport. We have our own haulage operation and can arrange transport locally or globally.

” It’s the breadth of our offer that makes us unique. Heavy industry can rely on us to load, unload, store and distribute freight. We also have our own bonded warehouse that allows us to deliver a broad and comprehensive intermodal service offering.”









”Our location is just unbeatable! As well as being able to load ships from our own quay we have a rail link into the large storage areas on our site. We also have long experience of transshipping and handling bulky and heavy materials. Many of our existing customers operate in the import and export business and we handle everything from yeast to industrial robots.”


Kenneth Karlsson, TERMINAL MANAGER

We look forward to hearing from you!

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